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  • Five Primary Schools Millburn Short Hills

    Whether you’re a family with kids, a couple, or an individual looking for a home, Millburn township in Essex County, New Jersey is a special place to live.

    I should know.   It’s been my home for over 30 years

    Established in 1857, this historic township includes the popular hamlet of Short Hills, and is known for its beautiful homes, top rated schools, easy access to New York City, recreation and shopping.  (By the way, a hamlet is simply a component of a larger settlement or municipality.  I thought you’d want to know.)

    But what most clients want, as soon as they get in my car, is information about the different neighborhoods that only a long-time resident like myself can provide. Here is what I tell them.

    The Township is divided into five residential and primary school districts which offer home buyers a variety of unique locations and impressive homes to choose from. Niche just released a NEW report with the Best Public Elementary Schools in NJ  and ALL our FIVE primary schools were listed in the TOP SIX! Nov, 2014.

    A NEW Report was just released by Niche Rankings 2015. Ranking the best Elementary School Teachers among 31,706 public elementary schools based on key teaching statistics and district teacher ratings from students and parents. A high ranking indicates that teachers provide a good learning environment, the school is invested in its teachers, the school has enough teachers, and students and parents rate district teachers favorably. Millburn’s 5 primary schools ranked in the TOP 6!

    Millburn-Short Hills Elementary Schools Top Best In New Jersey., U.S.A Lists For 2016 


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